Facebook bars Australians from sharing news content

Facebook has finally stopped Australians from viewing news outside the zone. This has angered the governments, and they have slammed the social network. 

Facebook has stopped Australians from viewing and sharing news feed from their platform 

Social network giant Facebook has stopped Australians users from seeing and sharing news feeds on its website which has caused so much uproar about getting access to critical information. Citizens of Australia were shocked to discover that all international and indigenous news platforms have been banned. Also, many government medical and emergency pages were barred, which they later apologized and restored immediately. 

The Australian government has said the action by Facebook has threatened the tech firms' credible position. They have accused Facebook of stifling news and trying to control information around the world. It has also been discovered that people outside Australia can't view any news about the country in Australia. 

Facebook's action has been linked to a policy by the government of Australia which will mandate tech firms to pay for news. However, tech firms like Google and firm had insisted that this new policy by the Australian government is unfair and doesn't show how the internet works

No going back on social media policy - Government 

However, the Australian government has said it is going on with the law which was passed by the house this week.

'' Facebook has to be very careful with their actions and how it will affect their credibility and good standing '' Minister Paul fletcher said.

This action comes as Google gives the go-ahead to pay the Murdoch News Corp for news platforms. Australia has taken this stance to provide a level playing ground for tech firms and publishers over gains made.

But Facebook said it was disappointing that the policy didn't take into consideration other factors that pertain to internet news. Facebook blames the Australian government for failing to consider the fuzzy business of news dissemination.

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