Myanmar coup: Protest gathers momentum as gridlock appears in major Burmese cities

There seem to be no going back for the protesters in Burma. For the eight-day, they have defied the violent suppression from the military leaders.  Thousands saw blocking major cities in Myanmar  Thousands of Burmese citizens have taken to the streets of cities in the country around Wednesday protesting against the Myanmar Army coup and battling with the government's violent reactions against demonstrations. The demonstrations on Wednesday are one of the biggest since the military power take-over in early this month.  The continued detention of leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other leaders have prompted people to come out in large congregations asking for a return to democracy. This has debunked the assertion by the Burmese Army that the citizens supported their coup against the elected leaders.  The UN has continued to warn the army hierarchy that violence against civilians will be allowed as they tried to cement their power.  Demonstrators want leaders released and coup reversal  Accordi... See more