All about dragons

The question that many people are asking is what the dragons looked like. The answer to this question takes researchers back centuries to precisely the time when beliefs about the existence of dragons were as hard as iron. Early research suggested that all dragons had reptile wings, claws and tails. But obviously, this is far from the case, since there are dragons which resembled rather large snakes.

A good dose of confusion between dragon and serpent

In the ancient period, there was no difference between the serpent and the dragon. Indeed, the Greek concepts ophis and drákôn which respectfully means the serpent and the dragon were used to designate the same animal. To find out more, click here Speaking of the name of the dragon, it comes from the Greek "drákôn", derived from the verb "derkomai" which translates as "to look with intensity". Thus, he was considered by the common man to have the gaze of the serpent with transparent and fixed eyelids. It is to say a look which at the same time freezes the blood of the one who welcomes it.

Different dragons depending on the continent in terms of appearance

At that time of antiquity, if the existence of dragons did not sow any doubt in the hearts, they nevertheless presented an appearance which diversified from one continent to another. Thus, in South America for example, the Giant Snake uses its body to draw the outline of rivers and rivers in the Amazon. In North America and more specifically in Mexico, Quetzalcóatl is a feathered serpent worshiped as an almighty God with the ability to metamorphose into clouds and winds, and even into a human. In addition, Europe knows the Dragon which takes the form of a monster with the head of a lion or a crocodile with bat wings. He possesses a serpent body as well as eagle talons and is considered an evil animal.

What is the best trans dating site?

Do you make from those who want to meet transsexuals, or who want to find their love? Know that there is a solution for you. There are sites on the Internet, which allow all those in such situations to find their love. These sites are ways to facilitate transsexual dating. What is the best site for this? is the best transsexual site

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What makes this platform so popular?

General and special meetings are organized on this platform. This site offers something special because the discussions are all discreet, which promotes meetings. Considering your goal, you can choose the right transgender partner for you. What matters your goals, that is, what you want. There are secret spaces to have discussions without being ripped off or cheated.
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Why give Do It Yourself gifts?

Do It Yourself or DIY is a trendy practice nowadays. It simply consists in making accessories or products by hand. It is a great option when you want to give gifts. What are the reasons why you should opt for this solution? Focus!

Do It Yourself is an economical choice

Do It Yourself is a fairly developed practice nowadays. You can go to this link to discover novelties in all fields. To please your loved ones on a birthday or on occasions like Valentine's Day or Christmas, DIY can be a great solution. It is especially the best option when you are on a tight budget. It will save you stress, but also unnecessary expenses.

With affordable raw materials and know-how, you can create unique accessories. We can mention for example: bonnets; table decorations; rattan lampshades, etc.

The Do It Yourself allows you to offer unique gifts

For Valentine's Day or the holidays, you are probably used to giving gifts bought at the supermarket. Often, these gifts are only appliances or industrial products. In the long run, this type of gift can disgust your loved ones. Although the intention is the most important, you have to make sure you give them unique gifts.

With Do It Yourself, you can give a self-made necklace to your partner for example. They will be happy to receive a piece of jewelry that you took time to make.

Do It Yourself gifts are elegant

Nowadays, handmade products are very underrated and considered not very resistant. However, this is not the case, as you can design elegant accessories that will last over time. A necklace, garlands, decorations, bedside lamps are all examples of items you can offer through DIY.

How to buy a house in America?

Owning a property in America is a wish shared by many people. However, it is necessary to put in place a good strategy to search the market because of the multiplicity of offers. To assist you, let's discover some practical ways to buy a house in America without getting into any particular trouble.

Hiring a real estate agent

When buying a house in America, the first option is to see a real estate agent. The latter is, in fact, in touch with many sellers of apartments or houses in strategic areas. All you have to do is tell him the area you are interested in and the budget you have available to carry out the search. Within a few days, he will be able to put you in contact with several service providers and help you conclude a deal. The hardest part is to identify a good real estate agency, although the cost of labor is affordable.

Doing research on the internet

With the emergence of social media, many U.S. real estate sellers do not hesitate to propose their offers online. According to them, this is a good method to reach several audiences and quickly reach a beneficial agreement. You can therefore explore the various real estate websites to identify properties that interest you. Moreover, a search bar is usually available to allow you to filter the different offers available. By adopting this type of method, you have the possibility to negotiate to lower the price.

Taking out a loan at a financial institution

Another way to buy a house in America is to make a loan in a financial institution. These specialized structures offer, in fact, several products to finance the projects of a person at short of the mean. However, the repayment rate charged in some places can be really expensive. This is why it is best to evaluate the offers of several providers on the market before committing yourself. If possible, don't hesitate to use a service comparator or broker to assist you in your choice.

03 activities to do in couple at home

Couple life is sometimes affected by monotony. In such a situation, a solution must be found to revive the passion between the partners. Because if nothing is done, they will eventually get bored. Here are some activities that couples can do at home.

Cook together

It is an excellent activity to foster your relationship with your partner. It allows you to spend more time together when you come back from work. Therefore, you can discuss, tell about what happens during your day. Then, it allows you to be sure of what you eat and its quality. This will prevent you from diseases that eating ordered foods can cause. Cooking in couple also improve the creativity of each partner. To sum up, this activity helps your partner and you to become closer, lo learn and have good time.

Organise a movie night

Why spend money in buying tickets for cinema when you can watch a film in privacy with your partner? If you have a television at home, you just need to sit in the comfort of your living room or bedroom. You can also switch the lights off or light the night lights to make the atmosphere more romantic. Then, choose a film that both of you like, and turn it on. Make popcorn or sandwiches to enjoy during the film. You can also lie down and tenderly embrace your partner. More information is available on

Decorate your house or apartment

You can decide to change the look of your house or apartment together. It is an activity which involves commitment from your partner and you. You will need to make decision about small and big things. It can be changing the shower curtain, repainting the wall of your bedroom or adding pictures. For this activity, the participation of each partner must be equal. In this way, everyone retains their own taste and there is no one left behind in the couple.

Types Of Kratom

Kratom is one of the best drugs for pain relievers. This drug is famous among the Paupa in Guinea. This substance is in powder form consuming this drug will help your body to be active. In this write- up you will know the type of this drug.

Different Forms Of Kratom

Kratom is a botanic plant that is found in Thailand, Indonesia, Malia, Mayanmar of Paupa in New Guinea's Forest. Kratom is reform from dried plant to powder, from powder to capsules or suspension etc. Find more in this link . In the ages is in dried form and powder as the world is modernized we can now see it in the form of capsules, pill or suspension. Consumers prefer to use this substance because of its benefits. You can take the powder form of this drug, but this is to take time before it will mix with the bloodstream. The best form of kratom you can use is a capsule, this capsule has two kinds. The drug can be used anytime you are stressed, or you have a tough day, it will relax your body and also make you more active once again. This drug can be used when you have a sleepless night.

Where to get this substance

Kratom can be bought in the market, head shop like other drugs. Kratom can be found in different places like local shops or nearby shops around you. You have to get full details about this shop before you buy the stuff. Because this substance might be fake, or it should be another drug. To say the fact this substance is not common in the market because it is a legal drug in some countries is illegal in some countries as well, this makes this substance scarce. So getting it in the market might be the real kratom product. The best place you can get this substance is online. Online kratom can never be fake or hard drugs. If you get this substance online, you will have the full details and the best product.

What equipment do I need to do yoga?

When you take your first steps into yoga, you will be faced with spending a lot of your resources on equipment. This is a great option, but be careful. Observe a pause and pull out the accessories you need to conduct this discipline. This article offers you some equipment to practice yoga effectively.

The yoga mat

As the first piece of equipment, the yoga mat seems essential for this session. It is, therefore, an accessory not to be taken lightly. Indeed, the yoga mat constitutes a piece of basic equipment for this discipline. You must therefore bet on quality and make sure that it not only provides comfort but also that it is a non-slip material.

The length of your equipment should not be neglected either. It must allow you to stretch without your feet and hands touching the ground. To make the right choice, contact a qualified professional from this platform:

The bag

The bag of yoga constitutes the second material to be taken into account for the practice of this discipline. It is specially designed to contain the yoga mat and other equipment. For that, it is recommended to provide a comfortable bag and having compartments for your key, your towel, water bottle, etc.

Yoga blocks

It is well known that blocks are generally solid accessories, made of wood or foam to facilitate the training sessions for yoga lovers. They help relieve pressure on the body's limbs. So get blocks that will keep your body from shaking and falling.


Yoga balls are the right equipment for yoga sessions. They are specially made to relieve the pressure on the back. They relieve the stress of the body while increasing relaxation. It is advisable to test them to ensure the thickness and length. Also, examine the sturdiness of the material so as not to make a wrong choice.






Can using Kratom improve sex?

Kratom has enormous potential to improve your sex life. But, it will depend on finding the perfect dose for you. You want to take enough to have a stimulating effect on your libido, to improve your stamina and reduce performance anxiety. However, a high dose could cause your libido to be completely lost or make it harder for you to reach orgasm.

Is Kratom safe to use for sex?

Compared to other psychoactive plants, kratom is relatively very safe. However, because it activates opioid receptors, it is possible to develop tolerance if you take it every day, and dependence can be severe.
There are no human studies on the toxicity of kratom, but studies on mice suggest that you should consume more than 50g of kratom leaves at a time before you start to experience serious health risks. That's a lot more than a typical dose, and so much that you'd probably throw it away before it could hurt you.
The biggest risk with kratom is taking it with other sedatives or depressants, as the effects can combine to make you pass out. And if this happens, the nauseating effects of kratom pose a risk of vomiting while you are unconscious. For more information, visit:

Kratom and viagra

You may find yourself in the position of wanting to combine kratom with viagra or other aphrodisiacs. But always check the label of all pharmaceuticals before combining them with kratom and avoid them if they advise not to take opioids.
Keep in mind that kratom is a sedative and can potentially affect your breathing rate and blood pressure. Since many aphrodisiacs can also affect blood pressure, be careful and know what you are taking. Although the warnings on Viagra labels do not specifically mention opioids as a risk, kratom and Viagra should be used with caution. Try using half the usual dose of Viagra when trying them together for the first time.

Facebook bars Australians from sharing news content

Facebook has finally stopped Australians from viewing news outside the zone. This has angered the governments, and they have slammed the social network. 

Facebook has stopped Australians from viewing and sharing news feed from their platform 

Social network giant Facebook has stopped Australians users from seeing and sharing news feeds on its website which has caused so much uproar about getting access to critical information. Citizens of Australia were shocked to discover that all international and indigenous news platforms have been banned. Also, many government medical and emergency pages were barred, which they later apologized and restored immediately. 

The Australian government has said the action by Facebook has threatened the tech firms' credible position. They have accused Facebook of stifling news and trying to control information around the world. It has also been discovered that people outside Australia can't view any news about the country in Australia. 

Facebook's action has been linked to a policy by the government of Australia which will mandate tech firms to pay for news. However, tech firms like Google and firm had insisted that this new policy by the Australian government is unfair and doesn't show how the internet works

No going back on social media policy - Government 

However, the Australian government has said it is going on with the law which was passed by the house this week.

'' Facebook has to be very careful with their actions and how it will affect their credibility and good standing '' Minister Paul fletcher said.

This action comes as Google gives the go-ahead to pay the Murdoch News Corp for news platforms. Australia has taken this stance to provide a level playing ground for tech firms and publishers over gains made.

But Facebook said it was disappointing that the policy didn't take into consideration other factors that pertain to internet news. Facebook blames the Australian government for failing to consider the fuzzy business of news dissemination.

Prince Philip hurriedly hospitalized after complaining of mild illness

It seems the Duke of Edinburgh is having some mild health challenges. He has been rushed to the hospital after feeling slightly sick on Wednesday. 

Prince Philip rushed to the hospital after complaining of illness 

The duke of Edinburgh, aged 99 has been admitted to a clinic on Tuesday after he felt slightly sick, according to a statement by Buckingham Palace. A chauffeur took him to King Edward hospital in London for observation purposes. According to a palace source, he was taken in an official vehicle and admitted based on medical advice. The prince has been having health challenges for some days, an illness that wasn't linked to COVID-19. 

It was reported that the duke who will celebrate 100 years by June 19 was in great condition and should remain in health review for some days. However, Queen Elizabeth, 95 stays at Windsor Castle and has talked to Admiral Tony Radakij on their work. Also, Prince Charles and his wife went about their official functions before talking to the queen in Birmingham. 

Palace says illness not related to COVID-19 

The palace has said both Prince Philip and the queen have been administered with the coronavirus vaccines by infections at the castle. The royals have been using the lockdown for a private business with a few households known as HMS Bubble.

They spent Christmas in their home at Berkshire instead of Norfolk. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sent his warm regards to the prince as he scales through his observation in the hospital. When it pertains to health matters, the UK royal family is very secretive. However, they have come out to debunked insinuations that the prince is seriously ill.

A source said it wasn't anything serious and that it has been taken care of immediately. The prince has been going in and out of treatments in recent years and has done various operations according to advice.

Myanmar coup: Protest gathers momentum as gridlock appears in major Burmese cities

There seem to be no going back for the protesters in Burma. For the eight-day, they have defied the violent suppression from the military leaders. 

Thousands saw blocking major cities in Myanmar 

Thousands of Burmese citizens have taken to the streets of cities in the country around Wednesday protesting against the Myanmar Army coup and battling with the government's violent reactions against demonstrations. The demonstrations on Wednesday are one of the biggest since the military power take-over in early this month. 

The continued detention of leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other leaders have prompted people to come out in large congregations asking for a return to democracy. This has debunked the assertion by the Burmese Army that the citizens supported their coup against the elected leaders. 

The UN has continued to warn the army hierarchy that violence against civilians will be allowed as they tried to cement their power. 

Demonstrators want leaders released and coup reversal 

According to a demonstrator, Shithu Muang

 '' We want a return to democracy and the immediate release of all leaders before this protest can cease. ''

He spoke to thousands of people who came to the Pagoda Sule in Yangon.

''We must stand on our feet and resist all manners of tyranny. Our generation must be the last to witness a coup. We must ensure this doesn't mean that happens again. ''

The NLD party was declared the winner of the November election, however, the Burmese army claims there were several election malpractices which they used to justify their coup. However, the country election commission had debunked such insinuations that were supported by independent observers. 

General Zaw Min has said the takeover was supported by the law and the army will soon return to power. There were several roadblocks by the police officials as cars and people were stopped for and checked.

South Africa receives Johnson and Johnson vaccine dose

After so much waiting, South African has become the first African nation to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The president has his ministers were the first to get the Johnson & Johnson jab. 

Johnson and Johnson's vaccine arrive in South Africa 

The government has flagged off its vaccination plan against the coronavirus by administering national health workers with the Johnson and Johnson jab. According to the reports, the first medical staff was given a jab around 2 pm on Wednesday at the Khayelitsha Clinic in Capetown. 

This comes as about 85,000 vaccines from the vaccines arrived at Johannesburg’s Airport. South African leader, Mr. Ramaphosa with health chief Mkhize and deputy  Joe Phaahla were among the first to take the jab.

 '' This is a historic event in this country, as the first Covid-19 arrived today, and we have been given a shot '' President Ramaphosa said. 

He said those who are afraid or skeptical about the potential of the vaccine should but be, as it is safe. 

''South Africans should embrace this vaccine to ensure safety and protection from the coronavirus. ''

The Johnson vaccine becomes the first vaccine to be administered outside a trial 

People can be seen offloading the pallets with the vaccine as they arrived Wednesday morning. This Johnson vaccine is the first vaccine to be administered outside a medical trial as hasn't been approved in any other countries. 

This pharmaceutical firm has just applied for authorization in the US after conducting a successful pretrial which shows about 90 percent guard against most strains after jab administration. The FDA has said it will decide on February 27. 

However, the South African health regulator has given the sanction to use it for implementation, however, it hasn't been approved for emergency use. This vaccine has 58% against serious coronavirus infection which may be caused by a recent strain, 501Y.Y2. These Janssen and the Novavax jab have shown good potency as revealed by trials done in South Africa.

The retail industry sees a surge in the US

Despite being hit by the coronavirus pandemic, it seems the retail sector in the US has recovered. There has been a gradual increase in sales of retail products in America.  

Us retail industry experiences an increase 

 The American US retail sales have jumped to their highest percentage in seven months. This has suggested that the stimulus benefits given by the government have begun to yield positive results. This is expected to hasten the economic recovery in the US. The value of sales has surged to 5.2% after declining by 1% last month. 

According to the US commerce department, this retail surge will be sustained as America crawls back to its pre-pandemic levels. This is the first increase in the retail industry since last year October. An increase in coronavirus infections has reduced the spending of citizens towards the year-end, but due to vaccine administration and low cases in Covid-19 business activity has continued to pick up. 

Federal benefits seem to be affecting more purchases in stores 

Also, some states in the US have started easing lockdown restrictions in major towns. The $550 stimulus benefits have helped citizens to buy products and use restaurants more frequently. The increase in sales in the retail sector could hinder the proposed President Biden's $2 billion plan which many GOP senators insist is too large and should be trimmed. 

Though, Democrats have insisted that nothing will stop the plan from going through even without the Republicans on board. However, the Republicans could use this as evidence when trying to convince other senators to reduce the bill. Michael Gapen, a US Financial auditor has said fiscal aid allows most households to balance their accounts. 

He said '' There is likely going to be another stimulus aid plan in March, and this will quicken goods demand and household spending. '' 

He believes that with the continued COVID-19 vaccinations mobility and economic recovery are certain. Food sales have risen to 7% as movements are eased which allows limited business for restaurants and bars.

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