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What equipment do I need to do yoga?

When you take your first steps into yoga, you will be faced with spending a lot of your resources on equipment. This is a great option, but be careful. Observe a pause and pull out the accessories you need to conduct this discipline. This article offers you some equipment to practice yoga effectively.

The yoga mat

As the first piece of equipment, the yoga mat seems essential for this session. It is, therefore, an accessory not to be taken lightly. Indeed, the yoga mat constitutes a piece of basic equipment for this discipline. You must therefore bet on quality and make sure that it not only provides comfort but also that it is a non-slip material.

The length of your equipment should not be neglected either. It must allow you to stretch without your feet and hands touching the ground. To make the right choice, contact a qualified professional from this platform:

The bag

The bag of yoga constitutes the second material to be taken into account for the practice of this discipline. It is specially designed to contain the yoga mat and other equipment. For that, it is recommended to provide a comfortable bag and having compartments for your key, your towel, water bottle, etc.

Yoga blocks

It is well known that blocks are generally solid accessories, made of wood or foam to facilitate the training sessions for yoga lovers. They help relieve pressure on the body's limbs. So get blocks that will keep your body from shaking and falling.


Yoga balls are the right equipment for yoga sessions. They are specially made to relieve the pressure on the back. They relieve the stress of the body while increasing relaxation. It is advisable to test them to ensure the thickness and length. Also, examine the sturdiness of the material so as not to make a wrong choice.






South Africa receives Johnson and Johnson vaccine dose

After so much waiting, South African has become the first African nation to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The president has his ministers were the first to get the Johnson & Johnson jab. 

Johnson and Johnson's vaccine arrive in South Africa 

The government has flagged off its vaccination plan against the coronavirus by administering national health workers with the Johnson and Johnson jab. According to the reports, the first medical staff was given a jab around 2 pm on Wednesday at the Khayelitsha Clinic in Capetown. 

This comes as about 85,000 vaccines from the vaccines arrived at Johannesburg’s Airport. South African leader, Mr. Ramaphosa with health chief Mkhize and deputy  Joe Phaahla were among the first to take the jab.

 '' This is a historic event in this country, as the first Covid-19 arrived today, and we have been given a shot '' President Ramaphosa said. 

He said those who are afraid or skeptical about the potential of the vaccine should but be, as it is safe. 

''South Africans should embrace this vaccine to ensure safety and protection from the coronavirus. ''

The Johnson vaccine becomes the first vaccine to be administered outside a trial 

People can be seen offloading the pallets with the vaccine as they arrived Wednesday morning. This Johnson vaccine is the first vaccine to be administered outside a medical trial as hasn't been approved in any other countries. 

This pharmaceutical firm has just applied for authorization in the US after conducting a successful pretrial which shows about 90 percent guard against most strains after jab administration. The FDA has said it will decide on February 27. 

However, the South African health regulator has given the sanction to use it for implementation, however, it hasn't been approved for emergency use. This vaccine has 58% against serious coronavirus infection which may be caused by a recent strain, 501Y.Y2. These Janssen and the Novavax jab have shown good potency as revealed by trials done in South Africa.

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