Can using Kratom improve sex?

Kratom has enormous potential to improve your sex life. But, it will depend on finding the perfect dose for you. You want to take enough to have a stimulating effect on your libido, to improve your stamina and reduce performance anxiety. However, a high dose could cause your libido to be completely lost or make it harder for you to reach orgasm.

Is Kratom safe to use for sex?

Compared to other psychoactive plants, kratom is relatively very safe. However, because it activates opioid receptors, it is possible to develop tolerance if you take it every day, and dependence can be severe.
There are no human studies on the toxicity of kratom, but studies on mice suggest that you should consume more than 50g of kratom leaves at a time before you start to experience serious health risks. That's a lot more than a typical dose, and so much that you'd probably throw it away before it could hurt you.
The biggest risk with kratom is taking it with other sedatives or depressants, as the effects can combine to make you pass out. And if this happens, the nauseating effects of kratom pose a risk of vomiting while you are unconscious. For more information, visit:

Kratom and viagra

You may find yourself in the position of wanting to combine kratom with viagra or other aphrodisiacs. But always check the label of all pharmaceuticals before combining them with kratom and avoid them if they advise not to take opioids.
Keep in mind that kratom is a sedative and can potentially affect your breathing rate and blood pressure. Since many aphrodisiacs can also affect blood pressure, be careful and know what you are taking. Although the warnings on Viagra labels do not specifically mention opioids as a risk, kratom and Viagra should be used with caution. Try using half the usual dose of Viagra when trying them together for the first time.