All about dragons

The question that many people are asking is what the dragons looked like. The answer to this question takes researchers back centuries to precisely the time when beliefs about the existence of dragons were as hard as iron. Early research suggested that all dragons had reptile wings, claws and tails. But obviously, this is far from the case, since there are dragons which resembled rather large snakes.

A good dose of confusion between dragon and serpent

In the ancient period, there was no difference between the serpent and the dragon. Indeed, the Greek concepts ophis and drákôn which respectfully means the serpent and the dragon were used to designate the same animal. To find out more, click here Speaking of the name of the dragon, it comes from the Greek "drákôn", derived from the verb "derkomai" which translates as "to look with intensity". Thus, he was considered by the common man to have the gaze of the serpent with transparent and fixed eyelids. It is to say a look which at the same time freezes the blood of the one who welcomes it.

Different dragons depending on the continent in terms of appearance

At that time of antiquity, if the existence of dragons did not sow any doubt in the hearts, they nevertheless presented an appearance which diversified from one continent to another. Thus, in South America for example, the Giant Snake uses its body to draw the outline of rivers and rivers in the Amazon. In North America and more specifically in Mexico, Quetzalcóatl is a feathered serpent worshiped as an almighty God with the ability to metamorphose into clouds and winds, and even into a human. In addition, Europe knows the Dragon which takes the form of a monster with the head of a lion or a crocodile with bat wings. He possesses a serpent body as well as eagle talons and is considered an evil animal.