What Can My Company Do With Custom Labels?

Custom labels allow you to print your own material onto a preset label. This service is becoming increasingly popular with small businesses, and in this article we’re going to examine why.

What is it about custom label printing that make them so popular with small businesses? Well, you can do just about anything that you want with a custom label. Most people only think as far as putting their custom labels on boxes that they ship out. However, custom labels have a wide range of uses, particularly within the realm of guerrilla marketing– marketing on a local scale for cheap. Because custom labels are so much cheaper when you order them in bulk, you can place your logo on the custom label- or a simple catch phrase related to the business- and paste them all around town on telephone poles and other things. This is a lot cheaper, and perhaps a lot more effective when it comes to bringing in a younger crowd, than buying a billboard on the side of the road or some other old-world marketing technique.

You can also place these, if they’re vinyl decals, on your car and use your own car as a way to market your business for free. If you’re the kind of business that can hand out free samples to your product, placing the custom label on that free sample will give customers a reason to remember where they got the sample from. Think of it in a similar way as insurance companies or car dealerships handing out free pens with their logos plastered on them. You can also simply give these custom labels out for free as stickers to kids.

In conclusion, custom labels are an incredibly good for marketing when it comes to local-scale marketing techniques. They’re good for brand recognition. In short, the use of custom labels goes far beyond slapping them on your shipping crates. Thinking outside of the box is always rewarding for small businesses.