Paid Advertising or SEO – Together They Make a Powerful Statement

Using paid advertising alongside SEO to hopefully secure more clicks sounds like it should be a productive marketing strategy. However, many feel that paying for views you could end up receiving at no charge makes no sense at all, and the debate rages on. Anyone who remains undecided on the issue should keep the many benefits of using both in mind before coming to a decision. Following are short explanations that highlight all the major pluses of combining the two.

Increased Traffic


Organic SEO may be famous for getting consumers to click, but the magnetism of targeted, paid advertising can’t be denied. According to verified research paid ads add up to nearly double the clicks of SEO alone. However, data suggests that even though general organic searches outdo paid ads, when it comes to the kind of advertising important to an online business, paid ads are far more effective.


Results Don’t Lie


Even though research clearly shows paid advertising is far ahead of organic SEO in commercial situations, indications are that both work better together than alone. A study by Google says that when paid ads are used in conjunction with SEO click-through rates increase by as much as a third.


Higher Search Engine Results 


When both methods are used together, chances of appearing at or near the top of a results page rise higher due the increased visibility of a listing. Obviously, the more visible a site is, the better the chances for increased site traffic and sales. Whatever it takes, we all know the lower your site is on the SERP, the less chance it will be seen by serious consumers. More information can be found at best SEO Sydney.


Staying Prepared for Changing Guidelines and Policies


It’s difficult to know when SEO policies are going to change, and this is where paid advertising can save you if it’s already part of your online strategy. If guidelines change regarding what is considered acceptable SEO and what is seen as spam, imagine the crises for sites that use it exclusively.


Google will not hesitate to devalue a site for what they consider “Over Optimization.” When that happens, as long as the site also utilizes paid advertising they can at least continue to receive some traffic while their organics/SEO is retooled to suit new policies or guidelines.


Seeing is Believing, So Try This


Anyone who still has doubts about using both paid ads and SEO can try the following and put those doubts to rest when the data comes in. Discontinue paid ads for a time to see what happens to CTR statistics and revenue generation. Most sites would feel the effects immediately, and though it may be considered business suicide by some, it will clearly answer the question of whether or not paid advertising and SEO together are a good investment in their online future.


With competition being as tough as tough gets online, any chance at all to improve a sites visibility and keep it out there in front is worth taking.