Why Movie Streaming is the Future

Why is movie streaming the future of entertainment? In a nutshell, it is because people are simply tired of being taken to the cleaners by satellite services and cable companies that charge them a small fortune and provide almost no customer service whatsoever. In addition, these types of services don’t really provide what most customers want these days. Think about it this way. If you subscribe to satellite or cable, you have to purchase a certain package that give you access to a certain number of channels. Chances are, the channels you really want access to are going to be in two or three different packages, thereby forcing you to pay for all of these different programming options when you may only be interested in watching one or two channels out of the whole group. Satellite and cable companies do this to make more money but they are essentially hijacking you because they are forcing you to pay for hordes of channels that you don’t even watch.

It’s All About Convenience

As far as movies are concerned, the movie channels on cable and satellite services have a tendency to cost a tremendous amount of money and at the same time, they only run a handful of movies over and over again. It might seem like a lot of fun to subscribe to these movie services at first, but if you like to watch a lot of movies, you can run out of options in as little as a week. It seems like it takes them forever for them to update their programming schedule, as they often do this a month at a time. That basically leaves you paying for what you have already seen with few or no new options left.

A Difference That Counts

Movie streaming services, on the other hand, put you in the driver’s seat. Granted, you are still paying a monthly subscription but it is a small fraction of what you would be paying for anything else. Better yet, you have hundreds or even thousands of movie titles to choose from so you can decide to stream virtually anything you want. This is great for true movie buffs and it works equally as well for individuals that aren’t as interested in mainstream movies as they are in some of the titles that are more difficult to find. The truth is, if you can’t find it on a movie streaming service, you probably aren’t going to find that title anywhere, no matter how hard or long you look for it.

In addition to paid movie streaming sites, there are many websites online offering free movies to stream on your PC, however, the legality of these sites is often a grey area.

Mobility Is Key

Another reason that movie streaming is the future of entertainment is because that is the direction that most people are deciding to go in. People don’t watch television as much as they watch their laptops or their smartphones. Tablets are immensely popular. Therefore, people are deciding to cut their costs and increase their entertainment value by watching what they want in a method that is both more mobile and more attuned to what younger generations have in mind.


People don’t really want to sit down and watch television like their parents and grandparents did. Instead, they want access to entertainment wherever they are so they can watch it when they are ready to enjoy it. As such, streaming services will undoubtedly remain a popular form of entertainment. The truth is, they will undoubtedly surpass both satellite and cable television services in the future.