Mobile App Game Episode Explained: How To Spend Your Gems

The viral interactive storytelling mobile app game “Episode” has a massive female following, mostly moms, teens, and tweens. It allows members to discover, create, and experience stories interactively. There are tons of hilarious youtube videos of people trying it for the first time:

Now what you need to know about the app is that Episode members can earn gems for doing certain activities. These gems are interchangeable as a form of domestic trading currency on the platform. A player may get gems after viewing, creating, or experiencing story episodes. Something to note is that not all episodes reward gems, so players must pay keen attention to the excerpts.

Playing Episode: A Game Of Browsing

Episode employs a time-shifting viewing model, similar to that of conventional TV programming. The browsing experience is reminiscent of exploring content on mainstream video streaming platforms Hulu and Netflix. From its visually appealing posters to its comprehensive selection of film genres, Episode is on point. With this, it can provide an adequate amount of mental stimulation to keep its audience engrossed. With trailing millennials and under 30s shaping entertainment today, this model is getting a buzz in the mobile market. After all, this demographic spends more time watching content on mobile platforms than any other channel. Binge-watching is another fast-rising trend seen across all consumer demographics worldwide.

Exploring stories in Episode is a painless gesture of tapping through scenes until the narrative reaches a critical branching point. Some stories prompt players to purchase or earn gems to watch more episodes. Once the stories reach a central branching point or offer choices, players can use their gem credits to acquire new in-game skins. Also, players can use it to buy in-game dresses and more.


Why Is Episode Content So Addictive And Consumable?

The content is pacey, so players get to explore stories quickly and progress through the game. Trailing millennials prefer short-form contextual video content to conventional reading because it allows them the convenience of consuming information anywhere. Episode indulges their insatiable appetite for thought-provoking entertainment across themes such as sex, mystery, romance, and murder. It has captivating, relatable storylines and trendy, suggestive visuals that keep them engaged. Plus, it extends a vast array of powerful, cutting-edge content creation tools and resources to empower storytellers. Its robust digital editor rivals top mobile developer tools on the market. The community is home to the largest body of online storytellers around the globe.


How Episode Rewards Participation

Episode community emphasizes the value of participation and compensates creatives for their contributions. It uses passes and gems as the two main types of currency. Pro tip: Check out this site if you want some episode free passes. Using the prosumer model, Episode can keep its storytellers highly motivated. These social influencers are the backbone of the community, inspiring players to explore the app and interactive content. Top achieving community influencers that have high engagement can qualify to join the Episode content program. It pays productive content contributors a monthly compensation for their most successful stories.