Is it worth paying for a monthly Netflix subscription?

If you are a movie or TV buff that does not yet have a Netflix subscription, you may be wondering if Netflix is worth it?


Surely, you can watch all the movies and TV shows you want online for free, without having to sign up for a monthly streaming service?


In fact, Netflix is not only completely worth it, anyone who loves movies and TV shows is going to wonder why they did not sign up for it before. More information can be found here: comment avoir netflix gratuit.


Tens of thousands of TV shows and movies — No matter which shows or movies you want to see, you will usually find them on Netflix.


The streaming service also adds new shows and movies throughout each month, so there is always something new and up-to-date to watch.


One subscription for the entire family — One subscription to Netflix allows the entire family to watch.


Whether this includes everyone viewing a movie or TV show on family night, or members of your family watching their own shows and movies on tablets and phones, everyone can watch.


You can also have up to three devices connected to the same account at the same time as well. That means you can all be watching different things at the same time as well.


Unlimited viewing activity — While some streaming services will block access to their service after a certain amount of hours have been viewed, Netflix offers unlimited viewing.


This means someone in your family can be watching shows and movies on Netflix 24 hours a day and on every day of the month. They will never be disconnected or cut off from their favorite shows. Nor will their streaming speed be slowed down.


Access during international travel — Netflix also allows you access to your account even when you are not located in the country where you normally live.


This means you could have an account in Mexico and be traveling to Austria, the United Kingdom or Japan. All of these countries, and more than 190 more, have Netflix access. The cost to access the service anywhere in the world is also included in your monthly subscription fee.


Subscription cancellation — Other streaming services also lock you into annual contracts. That means you still have to pay the monthly fee even if you are not able to watch anything on it.


Netflix, however, allows you to cancel your subscription at the end of any month and then reactivate it whenever you want to. This can save you money during a year.


Download your favorite shows — You can also download your favorite TV shows and movies to your tablet, phone or laptop.


This means you can watch them anywhere in the world, even if you do not have Internet access. This includes traveling on a plane, train or in a car, or even just in areas of your city where the Internet signal is weak.


With so many benefits to a Netflix subscription, it is hard to see any disadvantages. Especially for the very low price.