How to improve your PUBG skills and win more often

Have you been playing PUBG for a while, but never seem to get very far before your character is killed? If so, there are certain things you can do to help you improve your PUBG skills, and give you a chance of winning more often.

Start with these four things, and you should see a quick improvement in your PUBG playing skills.

Take the head shot — While it may be more tempting to try body shot after body shot in order to take an opponent down, you will be faster and more successful if you go for the head shot.

Sure, it means you have to be even more precise with your aim but, remember, it is you against your opponent so you want to be able to take him down as fast as possible. Use a single-shot weapon like an M24, and you will have even more of a chance of beating him.

Be careful when you engage — For the newbies playing PUBG, the minute they begin getting shot at by an opponent, they stand firm and shoot back.

This is good if you can clearly see where your opponent is, and have a clear shot. If, however, your opponent is hiding somewhere and you are simply being shot at, leave the area as quickly as possible.

There is no point in engaging in a fight you cannot win, as it will just end up causing you to be killed even faster. Head off, and find an opponent you can fight against.

Shoot first — Newbies will also spend a lot of time preparing for a shot when they come across an opponent. This gives their opponent time to shoot first.

In most Battle Royale games, the person who shoots first has the advantage. This is due to the human psyche — the minute a person gets shot at, he goes into defensive mode. He thinks less, reacts more and simply starts to fire off rounds without knowing where they are heading.

Meanwhile, you are in position, calm and relaxed and are able to take shots that you are actually planning. Rather than just firing off random shots as you are in a blind panic.

Grenades should always be used — Pick up any grenades you find, and use them as the first option in almost any situation.

This is because grenades can be thrown while you are still in cover. That means, by the time your opponent has realized the grenade is in his vicinity, it is too late for him to move away from it.

Grenades can also be thrown one after another, allowing you to set up an attack that could take out two or three players all at one time. Particularly as the range of a grenade is far wider than that of even an automatic weapon.

Finally, if you are really struggling at the game, you could play a few games with a PUBG hack, which can help you identify areas where you can improve more easily.