How to get more plays on Soundcloud and get your music noticed?

When you first get started uploading your music to Soundcloud, you will realize quickly just how competitive of a space it is. After all, millions of artists have their music uploaded and upload more songs every month.

Getting plays on Soundcloud then can seem almost impossible. Follow these promotion tips, however, and you should find it much easier to get your music noticed.

Talk about yourself — Too many artists upload their music to Soundcloud, but then do not spend time inputting information about themselves as an artist.

Make sure you spend time creating your Soundcloud page with a cool graphic, and with information about who you are, why you write the music you do and what your musical goals are. People respond to as story. Make yours interesting, and people will want to listen to your work.

Promote your work everywhere — One of the biggest mistakes new artists on Soundcloud make is sticking to the platform, and not promoting their songs anywhere else.

Once you have uploaded new music, copy the embed code Soundcloud provides and then promote it on your social media accounts, on chat rooms and in forums and on any website that allows music sharing. You can also consider to buy soundcloud plays (just a few) to get things rolling.

Encourage people to promote your work — Remember, other people are often willing to promote your work. You just have to ask them.

Put out a post on Facebook asking friends, family and fans to promote your new song. Make sure they know how to do that, and then keep reminding them every week or so.

Post new content often — The most successful artists on Soundcloud tend to promote new content every week. That is why it is often smart to wait to open a Soundcloud account until you have at least 10 tracks ready to upload.

Upload two or three tracks to begin with, and then upload a new one every week. This will bring in new fans every week, and gain new plays both for your new uploads and for your older songs.

Remember: There is no luck, just good marketing