Free Project Management Software: Which Software is The Best For Your Business

Project Management Free Software Today

Project Management Software is just what the name implies, scheduling and assigning tasks, tracking goals and performance, processing payments, giving your employees the time to concentrate and offer more effective solutions for your business by not having to perform repetitive tasks. If you are a business owner, you are saying your company is not large enough to support the cost of this software. Today, we will look at the best project management software that is available at no cost to you.

Best Rated-Wrike-Intuitive 3-Pane Project Views

In 2017, Wrike won Best Project Management Software Award, awarded by FinancesOnline. Wrike’s software is built and designed to serve small, medium, and large business, and industries.

Wrike offers a basic package at no cost to businesses that includes managing tasks, task discussions, file sharing, real-time activity stream, a spreadsheet view, I Phone Apps, Android Apps, advanced email integration, and essential app integrations.

Wrike offers the most efficient of free project management software programs available. Wrike is a niche above the competition because of its 3-pane project view. All critical data available on a single screen, including any details that the user would need to react to quickly. Because of the ability for tasks to be divided into subtasks and activities, the status of each operation is auto-tracked and performance of each agent evaluated within minutes.

Another important feature of this 3-pane project view is the ability to provide data categorization. With data categorization, the information can is put in electronic folders, and gives the ability to tag those folders for easy viewing and sharing.

Another great benefit of the Wrike software is its compatibility with a massive list of third-party applications for simple data transfer, and the capacity of this software to be hosted entirely in the cloud, saving your business installation and maintenance issues.

Excellent Rating -Asana Free Project Management Software Program-Collaboration Features

Asana is an excellence rated project management software program because of its collaboration features and its ability to offer free use of the software for smaller business with up to 15 users.

Asana’s enhanced collaboration system offers live streams, instant notifications, with the ability for users to follow, like, or reply to all updates. With Asana’a enchanted collaboration, no third-party software needed. This software enables both private and group chat, and file sharing of all sizes and formats.

What Free Management Software Program is Better For Your Business?

If you are a medium to a large business owner, Wrike is the better choice. With its 3-pane project view, this program is more advantageous for the medium to large business owners. In the medium to large businesses, the option to create electronic folders, and tag those folders for easy viewing and sharing is a tremendous labor tool. Just utilizing this feature alone benefits the business with workforce hours not having to be used, saving the company substantial labor costs over time.

For the small business owner who will not need any more than 15 users, the Asana Project Management Software Program is the for you. With its enhanced collaboration feature, critical labor costs will be saved. With a small business owner, labor costs are the foremost concern for keeping your small business’s healthy bottom line. With the enhanced collaboration feature, the apparent saving cost to the small business is no third-party applications are needed for private or group chat since the collaboration features allow for sharing of files of all sizes and formats.

If you purely want a free options, check out Clickup and thei list of free project management software options.