Choosing A Hosting Platform For WordPress

 Relevant Managed WordPress Hosting Platforms

WordPress relevancy is about finding a hosting platform for custom development. Because the success of your website is built upon the strength of the hosting platform. In other words, pick the wrong host and you could end up with a mediocre or subpar end user experience. However, choosing the right host means finely tuned control for designing, publishing and managing your website. WordPress hosting plans include management aspects such as technical support, automatic updates, enhanced security, and daily backups, and increased website loading times for higher uptime percentages. What makes a hosting platform relevant? It’s the integrity of the services provided. Take advantage of providers that will give you an analysis of the load metrics. This is particularly important if you publish a large collection of content such as blog posts or provide have a given search box on your website.

WordPress Hosting

Choosing the best managed WordPress hosting platforms doesn’t necessarily mean selecting the most expensive one or what Joe down the road has. It means finding the best platform that works best for your web traffic. The right provider is one that’s going to make a difference for your end user. As far as ease of use for site navigation and overall accessibility. Take a look below (or learn more) to find the top managed WordPress hosting platforms.

A2Hosting- A2Hosting is the next type of provider with optimizer servers. The servers work at 20 times beyond normal speed. As a hosting provider A2 assists clients in meeting their hosting needs for WordPress. A2Hosting provides unlimited storage, unlimited transfer, unlimited databases and unlimited websites. Their plan includes a money back guarantee.

Hostgator- Hostgator encompasses all WordPress platforms with greater speeds, a low density server and highly efficient cloud architecture and infrastructure. With over 4,500 templates and free website building.

Bluehost- Bluehost offers custom built WordPress optimized servers. They have a hosting package that includes a proprietary VPS platform. Bluehost doesn’t tout higher speeds than the others; just quality support with custom PHP-FPM configuration and NGINX advanced configuration. Simple one click installation process.

SiteGround- SiteGround is known for its solid state drive (SSD). When compared to regular drives, this technology offers 1000 more storage capabilities for input and output. For WordPress this means increased speed designed to accelerate the load power of static content. Offers dedicated and shared hosting. The dedicated hosting plan includes performance boosters.


The process of choosing a WordPress hosting platform can be difficult one; especially it you have a new website. To find the best one, simply match the server speed and the resources offered to your website’s traffic demands. Ask for a performance metric test, it will give you some idea how traffic is handled. Ask yourself, is it better to go with the cheapest hosting provider or should you invest a little more for a moderately priced one? It depends. The answer to the question is all about getting what you want and need for your website in a WordPress hosting platform; without forgetting about the efficient handling of traffic during peak hours.