Famous Movies about Greek Gods and Goddesses

As Greek mythology has always been a topic of keen interest and attraction for people of all times, many books and movies were based entirely on the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Some of these movies have hit the cinemas as blockbusters while there are other which couldn’t grab that much of public attention.
Some of the famous ones are given below:

Black Orpheus

Orpheus was a prophet of the Greek Gods. This story is based on the romantic life of Orpheus and his struggle to bring his sweetheart Eurydice out from the claws of death. This movie won an Oscar for best foreign film.

Oedipus – The King

Oedipus was the Greek king of Thebes. This movie is based on the prophecy that was made when Oedipus was born that he would one-day kill his father and marries his mother bringing disgrace and destruction to his land.


It is based on the story of the granddaughter of Helios, “the God of Sun”. She seeks revenge on her husband by killing all her children. It is a very grim depiction of the similar tragedy of Greek mythology.

Mighty Aphrodite

This movie was not directly based on the Greek Goddess but it depicted a modern day representation of Aphrodite- the Goddess of love who had a number of lovers.


It is a Disney animated movie (later a non-animated movie was also made). It is basically the story of Hercules, the son of Zeus. He was considered a super hero who saved the world from evil and was the guardian of good.

The Clash of the Titans/ The Wrath of the Titans

Both these movies are the most famous ones in this category. These depict how a war broke out between the Titans – The Olympian Gods. These have some mind-blowing effects, which make the Gods, look very close to real and make these movies a visual feast!


It is one of the most expensive films of Hollywood. Featuring actors like Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, and Sean Bean as Greek Gods and warriors, this movie tends to take viewers back to the ancient Greece. It gained fame and recognition, won several awards and did a business of millions in the cinemas all around the world. Its story was based on the city of Troy and the clashes related to it as told in the Greek mythology.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Percy Jackson is somewhat a recent film based on the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Set in the ancient Greece, it is the story of demigod Percy Jackson who has several thrilling adventures when he is accused of stealing lightning from The Greek God Zeus. The movie is based on how he proves his innocence and saves his mother from the underworld. This movie has two parts with a slight difference of stories though both the movies follow the same theme. These movies are based on a series of books, which go by the same name.