Augmented Reality


Augment simply means to improve a certain material or matter by adding different components to make it better or great. Augmented reality is an actual viewing of tangible, real-world surroundings either directly or indirectly. The components of augmented reality are supplemented by sensory data (video, sound, and global positioning data or GPS) generated by computers. Generally, the concept of augmented reality comes from mediated reality. Mediated reality is the use of gadgets such as computers or iPhones in adding or subtracting information in the environment. This concept doesn’t literally remove objects in reality but just tricks the eye of the user or in simply manipulating what the user perceives.

The technology serves as an enhancement to the user’s perception of reality. In a time scale, augmentation happens on a real time basis with detailed context of the environment like scores on sports during a game. Two of the important components of augmented reality are object recognition system and computer vision systems; these two comprises augmented reality which makes it more interesting. Augmented Reality transforms the real world of the person into a manipulative and interactive environment. The details of the surroundings and the object present are laminated in reality.