A Photo Booth Will Make Your Party Phenomenal!

Want to add some pizzazz to your upcoming party, rent a photo booth! Using a photo booth hire service, e.g. Photo booth hire bradford, will take your planned gathering to another level.


Beyond the kiosk

The lasting image you probably have of a photo booth is that of a box – shaped kiosk. You remembered seeing those kiosks at the shopping mall. You and couple of friends deposited a few coins in the photo booth and out came a few crazy photos. Those photos provided some fun memories! Nowadays with the “selfie” generation, you think that a photo booth is a relic of a bygone era. Not so with some of these advanced “photo booths”. In addition to the typical booth, there are open ended “booths” that can take panoramic pictures. The “new photo booth” can instantly create a sophisticated “selfie” any social media savy young adult would love!


The Entertainment Factor


Is there a budding actor/actress within you? The photo booth vendor can coax it out of you with a display table covered with physical “props”. Let’s say for example, your party theme is “The Great Gatsby”. You discover a pretty feather boa that compliments your flapper girl outfit lying on the display table. You borrow the feather boa while taking a few photos in the photo booth, pretending to be a famous vaudeville actress. The vendor’s photo booth produces a 2×6 black and white photo strip which adds authenticity to the party theme! If you want a certain border color, you can choose which color you prefer . Also you can have the date and any other pertinent information imprinted on the photo strip. If you desire to create a scrapbook of the event, the photo booth vendor can assist you in creating one by uploading all the photos on a Universal Serial Bus (USB) device.


An Exciting mirror


The latest discovery in the photo booth industry is called the Magic Photo Mirror. One of the many things that make the Magic Photo Mirror so revolutionary is that you can take a full length photo, that’s right from head to toe! Another amazing thing about the Magic Photo Mirror is that it’s very interactive! If you want to customize your picture with a certain prop, you can digitally select it from the interactive “mirror” touch screen in front of you. You can also ‘autograph” your photo while touching the interactive screen’s paint pad! The Magic Photo Mirror has what I call the dancing group of light emitting diode(LED) lights that prepares you to take your picture. The LED lights initially form a circle on the mirror screen. The circle then stretches into an almond shape resembling an eye all the while telling you to focus and pose for your photo. Far from being a “one-trick pony” Magic Photo Mirror can print a variety of photo sizes from a large 6×4 to smaller sizes for your guests in less than a minute! A photo booth traditional or innovative like the Magic Photo Mirror will add excitement!