9 best WordPress hosting providers

The many options of WordPress hosting services out there can differ a bit. There are many things that should be given attention when looking for the right service for you, for instance, two major things are customer service response and server speed. There is a difference between managed and unmanaged services and this will be touched on as well. Since seeking out reviews on each service can be a strenuous process and overload your brain, in this article the services will be explained in detail so your search for the right service will be minimized.

These services were judged by three criteria, how easy the installation is, the quality of customer service provided, and how well they were optimized for WordPress. Let’s start with the top provider, Site Ground, it’s at the top due to packaging price, features, performance, and customer service. The service’s grow big plan features unlimited sites, 20 GB of space, 25,000 visits per month, support response time 1 minute seconds, loading time .64 seconds, the monthly payment $5.95. It’s the most recommended compared to other more expensive options and can handle beginner sites and advanced sites. The rest of the services standard plans will be listed below.

Bluehost- unlimited sites hosted with 1 thrown in, unlimited bandwidth (depending on usage can be limited to 50-250 GB), loading time 1.24 seconds, support time not specified but is 24/7, monthly payment $7.99, unlimited visits monthly.

HostGator Cloud- unlimited sites, 25,000 visits monthly, unlimited bandwidth, load time.46 seconds, support time 24 hours, payment $3.95 per month.

Kinsta- 1 site, 5 GB bandwidth, 100,000 visits monthly, support time 3 minutes, loading time .64 seconds, payment per month $100.

Wp engine- 1 site, 10 GB bandwidth, 25,000 visits monthly, support time 1 minute, load time .32 seconds, payment $29 per month.

In Motion- 1 site, 40GB bandwidth, 20,000 visits monthly, support response 5 minutes, load time 1.37 seconds, payment $4.99 per month.

Flywheel- 1 site, 5GB bandwidth, 15,000 visits monthly, support time 7 minutes, load time .61 seconds, payment $15 monthly.

Dreamhost- 1 site, 30GB bandwidth, unlimited visits, support time 3 minutes, load time .64 seconds, payment $16.95 monthly.

Media temple- 2 sites, 50GB, 250,000 visits, support time 5 minutes, load time .61 seconds, payment $20 monthly.

The Difference between managed and unmanaged hosting is with managed hosting it tends to be more expensive because of the support you have in managing your sites. You’ll have 24/7 help, however with unmanaged hosting you will have a lower price and is really meant for more experienced people that know how to manage their website.